If you have paid any attention you know by now that I am very much into Imagine Dragons. They speak to me, on many levels and let me know that I am not alone. I believe the music keeps me mindful and sane.

This was the very first song that spoke to me and I began looking further, I then realized that I identify and relate to every thing they produce. Unlike Pink Floyd their words are straight forward. easy for anyone to follow …

My travels lately have taken me on a trip down memory lane, so I am listening to the song it brought to mind. This one touches on each and every thing I myself have gone through. It’s quite the ‘trip’ to have it so specifically identified in one spot!

And before you ask, no I haven’t gone off to war, but look around, you don’t need to be away to find yourself in the midst of battle and gun fire, and yes I have saved a life in danger. A few over the years ….

A comment I made spoke of the darkness I held deep inside. I didn’t mean kink, not this time. Enjoy ….

3 thoughts on “Demons

    1. Me too! That is another one I identify with, and reminds me of my kids too! lol

      We have a house full of ‘non sheep’! And we all get looked at like aliens when people don’t understand what we are saying, it’s tough when you’re a kid though.

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