Taking it easy today, having some fun!

I’ve been having a fun conversation today that has me going down memory lane, a couple of conversations actually! *giggle* But this one has had me looking up my ‘favourite things’ and it has struck a chord! *grin* Some of you will know why that is funny, some of you will know just what this post means as well.

I’ve always said I’m not about labels or following a lifestyle, this is just me, my life in my preferred state with The Bear.

I am every bit a ‘problem like Maria’ and He is every bit as stubborn and ‘foolish’ as the Captain von Trapp! (If you know the story you know that is not meant to be derogatory.) We have been just like this from the very beginning …. each of us in our place, each pushing the other to be better. *wink*

5 thoughts on “Taking it easy today, having some fun!

    1. Most definitely! It might be a bit early still, but Winter Wonderland is another happy song.
      When the boys were little I used to sing both those songs as lullabies. I didn’t know any sadly, I hadn’t had any in my childhood but they both loved the songs regardless! Calming and happy to drift off to sleep with. 😀

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