Real Submission – Actively and not sexy – ‘Put your money where your mouth is’

My days are usually pretty happy-go-lucky in regards to my submission, my relationship with the Bear in all aspects. We are on the same page with pretty much everything truth be told, there are not usually any disagreements which is good because Lord knows that the rest of life has plenty for us to deal with and handle.

That being said, there is something that has been going on for a few weeks now and my hopes that it would be short-lived and over by now seem to have gone unanswered. Note, I have not yet said anything about it to The Bear exactly so what He decides will soon be seen. I’m sure He hasn’t really thought about it from my perspective because this is one avenue that happens to fall on my side of the ‘slash’! *chuckle*

Before I started working from home I was a billing and accounts manager for an internet company and did the billing for two sister companies as well. You could say that numbers and finance are kind of my thing. We have tried a couple of times putting The Bear in charge of finances, it doesn’t usually turn out the way we want.

Right now I have taken a good amount of time off work to hopefully catch up on some medical appointments and heal. I still work part-time but obviously the income has dropped, drastically. We have discussed that we need to be careful in our spending because we do not want to go into debt. So far so good, right?

Well everyday (almost) for the past few weeks The Bear messages me and asks if I would like a coffee, He is stopping for one on the way home from work. I normally decline. Now He has worked hard all day and deserves to have whatever He would like, no doubt about that, and just a coffee now and then will not break the bank. The problem is that when you factor in stopping 3 or 4 times per week, plus two kids at home who also want something and then perhaps a stop or two on the weekend it easily adds to $50 or more. $50 times 4 weeks adds to $200 per month …. not the end of the world certainly but a good chunk of change don’t you think? Realistically speaking when you add donuts, lattes, and hot chocolates to the mix it is likely even more than that.

So my thoughts? I don’t agree with what He is doing so I will bring this to Him respectfully but honestly. I will suggest that perhaps He could tell me He wants coffee when He gets in and I can have some ready at home. I can suggest that perhaps once per week is enough for a stop at the local shop and I can mention/remind that we would really like to go away for a bit in the spring and even at these low assessments by the time I start to work full-time again this will be at least a $1 000 savings.

I hope He will see what I am saying and agree, I’m hoping He will want to work out a way to have His coffee at home and that we can in fact put this extra spending behind us. I don’t agree with what He is doing and I hope He does agree with me but once it’s all said and done the choice will be His and I will accept whatever He decides.

This is a real act of submission, but I have a feeling He will see the validity in it and decide to change His current routine.

Happy Friday!

7 thoughts on “Real Submission – Actively and not sexy – ‘Put your money where your mouth is’

    1. It does so! We are not covered for those things either, perhaps you could learn some techniques and offer to do a rub down yourself? There is no shortage to what you can learn on the internet.

      A few back rubs at home with one done professionally now and again would likely make a big difference to the bottom line! And what dominant wouldn’t be happy with both a willing submissive rub and saving money? 😉


  1. I do agree nijntje. I don’t really need to buy a coffee at the end of the day. A money savings for sure. A coffee made for me by my bunny would in fact taste much better.😀 You do not have to convince this bear ,it only makes “cents” if we are trying to go away in the spring. Thank you for bringing this to my attention.

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  2. For my husband its the fishing stuff. He’s gotta have all the stuff!
    We got a rewards credit card at the store he likes. He uses it for all his day to day stuff. I pay it off often so it never carries a balance but he gets the reward points….He loves getting the stuff and I love not paying for it.

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