Here I go again on my own ….

…. can you hear the song??? *giggle*

No, not really. I’m not on my own exactly, Sir is not away or anything like that but it was the song that started playing through my head when I was thinking whether or not to post this. It’s about active submission, hence doing it ‘on my own’ instead of waiting for orders or trouble.

This time it involves strawberries! You’d think I have a thing for fruit or something … *chuckle* I’ll get to the point!

We have had a couple of containers of strawberries in the fridge for a few days now. They were more than ready to be cleaned and eaten before they needed to be thrown out and Sir had asked me about them last night. I let him know I had planned to clean them today, no worries.

Well today came and went and before I knew it the end of the work day was here and I had yet to clean the berries. It was a busy day full of things to keep my mind occupied and secondly I have not been feeling well at all, food is not something I’m thinking about. It’s not really anything I even want to look at right now truth be told, but the berries did need to be cleaned and He did mention them last night.

I could have just gone and put my feet up for a few minutes before starting supper, I could have just explained to Him that I had forgotten and that they would last one more day, I could have just talked to Him about it and gotten excused because it hadn’t been an order and I really did forget! But I knew it was something He wanted and I knew He would be pleased, so as much as I didn’t really want to deal with any food and I really could have used a break …. I went to the fridge instead and got the strawberries and they are now clean and ready to be enjoyed!

I didn’t have to, it wasn’t an order and Sir is more than fair and accommodating when I need Him to be but this wasn’t the end of the world and I knew His wishes, so I did it anyway. Active submission, nothing kinky but certainly for Him and can be done no matter who is about.

Happy Thursday All!

Your strawberries are ready Sir! ❤

In case it’s now stuck in your head too!

4 thoughts on “Here I go again on my own ….

  1. Love the song choice. Believe it or not, my 10 year old can sing every word of the song and in tune too! But, that’s beside the point. I think this post was great. It doesn’t even have to be labeled as an act of submission either. Don’t get me wrong, it can be and it obviously was for you. However, this is an example of a basic principle for all relationships…do something for the one you love even if it means sacrificing something you want to do. It is all about love and respect.

    I’ll get off my soapbox now. Lol

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    1. My oldest is into vocals as well, he can do the Grinch song! My own little Barry White!! *giggle* But anyway …

      I think you’re right on with the relationship in general idea and it really doesn’t need to be an act of submission, simple love and respect. I’ve been this way since long before any label and I won’t be changing it should the label disappear. To me this is the point of being in a relationship, any relationship kinky or not.

      I don’t know if it was submission or not for me, it\s just who I am but people I’ve been reading lately are trying to find ways to submit outside of the bedroom and outside of kinky tasks and I thought this might give some ideas. Help get the ‘sub mindset’ that everyone seems to be chasing. But now it’s time to get off *my* soapbox! *giggle*

      Step up on it any time, Cookie Monster! 😉


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