The ‘when’ and ‘how’ of it.

When I am strong and full of life I kneel of my own will, force and strength.

When I am tired and over run I need that will to be of your force and strength.

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Make sense? Thoughts?


4 thoughts on “The ‘when’ and ‘how’ of it.

  1. To me too. When I am tired and overrun, I am so often because I’ve become wrapped up in my own thoughts and efforts, instead of sharing my burden with Him, either by just talking to Him about it, or by asking help or advice.
    When He orders me to kneel and I have no choice but to let the burden fall to the floor, or more accurately, on His lap.
    He then chooses take the burden away or to give it back to me to carry, but while kneeling I experience the respite He can give.

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    1. I believe your advice was to K.I.S.S

      Life lately has been too hectic for symbolism and posturing, going back to basics is fine with me, it’s what really matters anyway.


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