Pet Peeve about *my* D/s

For the most part things go along here without much thought or issue. As I’ve said before we didn’t get into this for a relationship rescue or to get closer, we already had all of that. What we were looking for was better and more exciting sex.

One of the things about this dynamic is all of the symbolic accessories that get used once things become ‘official’ for the couple. Here in lies the ‘rub’ for me!

I don’t stick to one style of dressing, I have many depending on my mood. There are many aspects to my personality so why would I stick to just one style? Not too long before we started this D/s journey I had already reached a stage in my life where the boys were old enough, I was finally getting a bit more sleep and frankly I had put in my time, it was right now to start paying a bit more attention to me. I started looking through my wardrobe, getting rid of the things I no longer wanted (the frumpy ‘mom’ outfit) and started bringing back my own style.

Things I was wearing were once again form-fitting, and in almost every style you can think of. Cowgirl, jeans and a tank, pretty sundress, kick @ss LBD with eye-catching heals, rocker chick and this:

So guess what I’m not allowed to wear now because someone might actually guess what we’re up to …. If we happen to go to a concert or something then I can push the envelope a bit but other wise a heavy collar and cuffs are out of the question!

D/s is cramping my style! That is my pet peeve.

Comments welcome! :D

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