Hanging around

Have you ever done something where you really did surprise yourself?

I admit at first I was a bit worried, we haven’t played quite like this is some time and physically I have had some challenges to overcome. I don’t mean standing, I mean suspended and holding myself up with mostly just my own upper body strength.

Honestly I can’t tell what sticks with me more this time, the play or the fact that I can still do it! *chuckle* Sorry Sir, no offense, the play time was fantastic and a wonderful surprise but things have been pretty difficult lately and this really is one heck of a boost to my ego! 😀

Perhaps we should practice? You know, do it again to be sure it wasn’t a fluke? *wink wink*

Seriously though, it has been a very long time since we have been able to really play due to circumstances beyond our control, now that I got a taste of it I find myself craving more ….. here’s hoping that the stars align again but much more quickly this time!

Happy Tuesday All!

Love You Always Sir! ❤


2 thoughts on “Hanging around

  1. I’ll admit I was a little surprised at myself for doing this knowing the issues you have had. I don’t want to say I did it with no concern for you but I did definitely got lost in you that morning. 😆 I am very happy that your ego got a boost from this knowing your difficulties lately. You go bunny!!

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    1. It was very nice to be that way again, together Sir. ❤ Lately we have had more interruptions than we have had play, UGH! As you well know. And yays bunny!!! *giggle* it was quite the boost to know I can still do it, even a bit of a motivator to keep moving forward in some areas that have been hard lately. Thank you, SIR!


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