Truth is

The truth is I don’t really follow many submissive sites.

The truth is I have never wanted to copy any dynamic or set of accepted roles.

The truth is I have never wanted to be like anyone else.

The truth is I don’t often struggle in my role, probably because I don’t try to be something I read about.

The truth is we have tried many rituals over time that didn’t stick.

The truth is we kept working and found the ones that were real for us.

The truth is that most often change is brought about by me.

The truth is that when things are going well The Bear tends to relax, get comfortable.

The truth is that the one needing constant change is me, so I am also the one that needs to make it known.

The truth is we are constantly evolving and some times make mistakes.

The truth is most of my struggle generally involves some far out notion that I’m not allowed to engage Him.

The truth is that lately I have had a need for a bit ‘more’.

The truth is that I started doing those few things I craved for Him to implement.

The truth is He noticed and ‘ran’ with it.

The truth is He can’t read my mind, but when I go to Him He can provide.

The truth is that my submission is not about sitting and waiting and expecting.

The truth is submission is work, strength and speaking up – properly.

The truth is He relies on me just as much as I rely on Him to keep this going, keep this good.

The truth is that when I’m motivating my own submission it never stops, and I am happy.

The truth is this feeds His dominance.

The truth is that He is worth every moment and every effort.

The truth is in this I am happy!

Happy Monday!




6 thoughts on “Truth is

  1. You have hit the nail here nijntje. Your active submission does feed my dominance. I do have a habit of resting when things are good. For one to sit and wait and hope that their needs are going to get taken care of seems like a recipe for frustration.

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    1. It doesn’t take much looking around these parts to see that it is exactly the recipe for frustration! Funny enough a good friend mentioned that almost verbatim not to long ago. I didn’t realize that was the theme for this post but now that you’ve pointed it out, I suppose it is.
      I did write it out of frustration, even if it wasn’t frustration with my own life.

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