Naughty Rabbits have more fun!

Trying something new ….

Like I said in the last post, the Bear really would be quite happy to have a SAM to ‘handle’. Now becoming nijntje has made me tap into my silly, goofy and playful self that I had put ‘away’ many years ago but I have never been ‘disrespectful’ inย any manner, not even in play. By that I mean if the answer is no, than it’s no, you don’t push further or try to convince or whine your way around it, you just accept it and move on. Even if we are in the middle of a goofy fun time if He says anything that sounds like stop, I stop …. problem is sometimes He just wants me to push Him a bit further so He has a ‘reason’ to control me.

Is this making any sense at all or am I just totally off the rails here? I haven’t been in trouble of any sort in well over 2 years and that was basically a totally mental break down, not exactly a daily occurrence. I pretty much do more than expected all the time, I have exceptionally high standards and I am very much a perfectionist. (Don’t worry, it’s not a crack against anyone. It’s really not as glorious as one might think!)

So what does this mean? Well there is nothing to ‘fix’, nothing to ‘address’, nothing to ‘correct’. Nothing to get the sparks flying! In a nut shell, I’m boring to control! ๐Ÿ˜›

So this new thing, I am going to try to be more *naughty* and give the Bear something to command over. All of this is with permission and an obvious *stop now* system is going to be in place to be sure I stop before it becomes real trouble! I DO NOT LIKE TROUBLE! This is just another version of play …. there can be corrections and eyebrow raising *giggle* without any real trouble in sight. Should keep the Dominant charge going I would think. The poor Bear was getting bored waiting for something to take ‘care of’ and had decided to hibernate I think!

The other plus side of this type of play for us is the sights and sounds triggers that we had to stop due to family circumstances should not be an issue.

As a submissive THIS is what I find to be work because it is outside my nature and even outside of my comfort zone but it is fun and well worth the effort, so this is what we are going to try!

Yesterday morning when the Bear was just getting out of bed we sat and talked and I had my hand draped over Him for a bit and then started rubbing His arm for a bit. He nicely asked me to stop, it made His arm itch the way I was doing it, soooo …… *giggle* I went and rubbed it again! ๐Ÿ˜‰

I couldn’t see the spark in His eyes because it was 4 am and very dark but I sure as heck heard it in His voice and felt it in His hand when He grabbed my arm and said ‘STOP was the order nijntje’! He wasn’t angry (He doesn’t get angry) but He was certainly in control! *giggle*

Later I woke up to a note letting me know that my back side would make amends for the lack of listening as soon as it was possible. ย Maybe this being *naughty* thing is going to work out after all! ๐Ÿ˜€

Again, this is ALL PLAY! We have discussed it, agreed and have safeties in place to make sure both know when play time is over and time to behave is now.

Now let’s see how much naughtiness this lil’ rabbit can come up with!!! *giggle*


10 thoughts on “Naughty Rabbits have more fun!

  1. Ever seen “Secretary”?

    Let’s say he is wound a bit tight and everything must be just so. At the end comes their Happily Ever After. They wake and she makes the bed as he walks out to leave. She pulls a dead roach out of a pocket and drops it on the crisp sheets as he walks out. She follows him down, sits on the porch with her coffee and waves “Bye” as he pulls out. The smile on her face reveals that she knows she won’t sit as eagerly tomorrow morning.

    Just sayin….


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