Party prep – D/s funny

So the Bear and I have a very large group of people coming to our home on Saturday for a party. It will be outdoors, a yard party so lawn chairs and cushions and all that fun stuff. Stuff that normally gets stored in the garage.

So as we are going through the last-minute to do list we realize that we should probably remove all the ‘toys’ and storage ottoman from the garage in case someone forgets their own and needs a chair or something!

I wonder how many of our many many guests would have ever needed to do that?!?! *giggle*

I suppose the hooks and such from the ceiling can be excused? Can’t they??? *chuckle*

Happy Tuesday!

4 thoughts on “Party prep – D/s funny

    1. Not in 8 years anyway, big 40th bash. Not even the kids do bday parties any more.

      If someone (family) wants to pop in they do otherwise we go for dinner or order in, bday person’s choice.


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