I think I have decided Sir ….

I’ve been thinking on this site and what to do with it for a while now. I’ve thought about making it private, I’ve thought about deleting it and I’ve thought about simply moving on … I think for now I’m simply going to leave it as is and come back if and when inspiration of the D/s type hits me! LOL (I had to …)

If I get comments or questions I will answer, if not you have nearly 600 posts that you are welcome to peruse. I’ll likely hop in from time to time depending on my mood but for now I think it’s time this rabbit hopped out of Neverland and found it’s way back to the a’maz’ing world of Wonderland! I have a whole other labyrinth calling me and I don’t feel like dividing my efforts.

I’m sure things will hop into this brain, they always do but for now …. 

If you’d like to know what I’m up to just follow the rabbit tracks, and watch for the little cotton tail! *chuckle* happy hunting ! 

11 thoughts on “I think I have decided Sir ….

  1. Aw… hugs. Whatever happens, hope you find your way. You’ve been a huge support for the Kit, and Kit is really thankful. Shall find time to go through 600 posts of yours while you are “off” =)

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    1. Thank you Kit! I’m still following you so I’m sure I’ll speak up from time to time!

      600 posts is a lot of words and thoughts, for now I think I’m just out of new ideas. 😀 If you have any, feel free to pass them along!

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  2. I’m so very glad your not disappearing … be well lovely one … and I shall keep my peepers open per chance to see you once again …

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    1. Thank you missagatha, I haven’t wandered far, no worries! I’m just hopping else where for the time being! 😉 The topics I’m writing are not D/s related …. that’s all.


    1. Well I’m not entirely sure how that plays out in the ‘world at large’ but the fact that you, Sir, find me enlightening is a compliment of the highest form!
      Thank you! And watch out for rainbow rabbits in the spring! *giggle*


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