Truth of life …

I have a ‘chat’ open on the PC during the day so I can contact Sir and He can contact me, I don’t have a cell phone. It started so the boys could reach me from school if they needed to, it has worked out well to keep us connected as well.

Today He asked me if I was having a slow day, since I can sit and talk for a few minutes.

I said no, not really – I know what time He sits for lunch so I make arrangements to be able to sit and touch base with Him before He has to go and so do I ….

He has been very busy with work, so have I. This is the truth of what makes our connection strong, the little thoughts and decisions made ahead of time so we can touch base for just a few minutes here and there.

A simple action that showed Him once again that He is first on my mind! Time to get back at it ….

Happy Tuesday All!

Love You Always my Wonderful! ❤

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