It IS the small stuff that makes it real.

I keep saying that the truth of submission is not about kneeling, or service or following orders, not for me anyway. The truth of my submission is about mindful actions, truth and honesty. The truth of my submission is about trust and openness.

Something happened this morning, something that didn’t work out very well for me, something that I knew had to be discussed. It wasn’t a long discussion, it wasn’t even complicated or in-depth but it was something that would likely cause Sir some guilt, maybe some feelings of letting me down, feelings that I don’t want to make happen for Him, that’s for sure.

I suppose I could have kept it to myself, it wasn’t exactly the end of the world. I could have decided He didn’t need to know, that it wasn’t a big deal, that I could work it out on my own. Yes, I could have simply let my submission be a cloak that sits on top of the real me, my real thoughts and feelings.

I got up, I spent two minutes telling Him what happened and what I thought and felt about it. The news wasn’t something He wanted to hear but He did need to know.

The news wasn’t great, but that fact that we share that close and honest a connection is! I trusted Him with all of me, I promised to give Him all of me. I won’t disrespect Him but choosing what He needs to know and what He doesn’t.

All of me. All the time. His.

It wasn’t a big deal really, but keeping it to myself would have been.

Happy Friday All!

Thank you for listening Sir! Love You Always ❤

5 thoughts on “It IS the small stuff that makes it real.

      1. I just found it interesting how you choose to deal with and explain your own process. I find some similarities and some new ideas now and again as I read along.


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