It’s not all kneeling and collars …

I’ve thought about writing this post for a while, or something like it but I never quite know where to go with it. Since I haven’t anything else pressing right now and the rain is keeping me indoors I thought I’d give it a try.

I have read my share of tales of what a Master/slave relationship looks like, or a Dominant/submissive one looks like but they normally revolve around a lot of kink, a lot of play or sexual encounters of some form or another and a lot of rituals and protocols. They all sound very interesting and enticing at times for certain, but completely unrealistic for us here and now.

I suppose in this light my submission to my husband is much less obvious. This also means that I have to be much more mindful to keep the feeling when the overt actions and reactions are not so forth coming. Let’s face it, it’s much easier to feel like you are being submissive when you get to walk around naked and adorned with their special style of jewelry while performing everyday tasks. We do get to sneak in some of that kink every so often but certainly not as the main event on a daily basis!

So what is it actually like for me? Well for the most part it’s simply the fact that He is first on my mind at all times really. Even the most basic of things crosses my mind first in the respect of how would Sir feel about it, or what would He prefer to see happen. Every morning I check my messages and either respond to His ‘good morning beautiful’ or I say good morning first, sometimes His work hits first thing before He gets a chance. Not often but it does happen.

When I get dressed I think about what He likes to see me in and what I haven’t worn for Him in a while. He likes lots of styles and things so I like to change it up and surprise Him for when He walks through the door.

The first room He sees is the kitchen normally when He gets in so I try to have it clean and tidy before He gets home. It’s not always possible depending on how crazy my day has been but the dishes are always done and I try very hard to be sure the room is neat! I think it adds to the effect of a hug and a smile and a ‘welcome home Sir’!

When He is home I make sure to stop and look and listen when He talks to me. I admit it’s not always the most exciting news (sorry Sir :P) but if He is taking the time to talk to me than I should show enough respect for Him to stop what I’m doing and listen. If I have a response I try to be sure it’s thoughtful, not dismissive or anything else rude.

I’ll leave little notes for Him here and there from time to time, to surprise Him and let Him know I’m thinking about Him. That always seems to put a big smile on His face, and He’s always sure to tell me so! 😉

I always cook dinner of course but I’m sure to have enough for His lunch the next day! He prefers home-made to anything else and it’s healthier so why wouldn’t I? Apparently He gets asked more often than not if He brought enough to share while He’s at work. Pretty sure that makes Him proud to have me too …. 😉 *giggle*

Yeah, it’s not really kinky, or collars or obvious I suppose, but He is always first on my mind!

Love You Always my Wonderful Sir! ❤

Comments welcome! :D

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