Skin care and play preparation

After I wrote the short post on ‘did you know‘ I went back and looked through some of the previous posts on my blog. I knew I had written a couple good ones 2 years ago with some ideas of what and how to care for your skin, after having suffered some issues myself, and so I thought I’d re-post them here now for anyone interested in having a look!

Skin Care and a paddled ass!

Skin care update! (they do have info that is different than what’s on here)

For the most part I have found that bruising is either non-existent or minimal when the proper skin routine is well-kept and a proper warm up before play is also maintained. When picking a lotion pick one that has a high level of Vitamin E and preferably not heavy in scent or colour. I’ve been using ‘Hydrate’ by St.Ives and even with my sensitive skin I have had no problems. We used to have a vitamin E named version here but it seems to be discontinued, this was the replacement and it works well. It is also less then $5 for 600 ml, can’t beat it!

After play of course you need to be mindful of just how hard you have worked your skin and provide the aftercare that is required, the link on the previous post pointed out many good options there. Sometimes you need more, sometimes a simple rub down will work, and Vitamin E, always … I can’t begin to tell you how well that works and the effect gets better and better with time. Be mindful however that any broken skin should NOT be exposed to any lotions outside of an anti bacterial, you could cause more trauma or infection by adding things to broken or irritated skin, including arnica gel! Read the first skin care link, you’ll see!

Depending on what sensation you are after we have also found that using baby oil or coconut oil on the skin before play adds to the sting and sensation without having to use nearly as much force. Needless to say that less force means less bruising and the bonus is that with Sir’s tendonitis acting up from time to time it also means He can play longer, more often and more intense feeling without having to ‘pay the piper’ later for over working His arm and shoulder. 😉 I will say that if you play hard enough to break the skin or are into knives you should likely stay away from the oils. They will naturally collect bacteria and you don’t want that put into any open wounds.

Good Luck All! I for one am not interested in permanent marks! Maybe it’s because of all the years I spent damaging my body but as it stands now, I want it to be pristine. 😉

Happy Sunday!

5 thoughts on “Skin care and play preparation

  1. coconut oil – is all i use. it has amazing healing properties, and is also a natural antiseptic. it is the dressage whip that can leave the worst and most painful marks – but coconut oil – just normal from the supermarket coconut oil is all i need. (i no longer use any other creams or oils – just a little baby cream added to the oil for face and day purposes but that is it

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    1. oh that sounds wonderful missagatha! I have always loved coconut and the smell is fantastic, unfortunately for me not enough to help with the dry and sensitive skin issues.

      I have found the fact that it is an oil and therefore bigger molecularity means that I don’t get enough out of it for an every day moisturizer. 😦

      My raynaud’s and allergies and Great White North winter’s don’t help either but I am right now living very vicariously through you! *chuckle*


      1. darling one … can you add a little coconut oil to the other lotions… it really is a wonder – my ma has raynauds … and I have it to a much lesser degree . .. try adding it to lotions…


      2. not sure, the fact that it’s an oil means it sits on top of the skin instead of actually getting completely absorbed. I also work with little children and having that on me would allow for viruses and bacteria to have a great place to hold on to. My sunscreen is with coconut oil … lol or at least smells like it! *giggle*

        much more info than you wanted I’m sure but perhaps it makes a bit more sense too! I might trying adding it on weekends, when my little petri dishes are not around!!


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