Did you know that repeatedly indulging in spanking could leave you with permanent discoloration of the skin on your bottom, or any where for that matter?

Proper warm up and after care can help but there is still a possibility of permanent scars or marks even if you are careful ….

Might want to keep that in mind, I was not aware of this. Were you? I figured if you warmed up, took good care after and were careful not to over do it you would always heal and be fine.

Evidently for some, that is not the case.


3 thoughts on “Did you know …. ?

    1. very important indeed! lol

      I’ve always been careful to take good care before and after play, and during for that matter with proper warm ups etc. but I never realized that even though, you could end up with permanent marks …. that one was a surprise.

      I’ll have to check out your article, never hurts to get a refresh! 😀


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