He is a gentleman ….

… but sometimes He’s not! And that’s when He’s really hot! 😉

Some of the real changes in our relationship from before we started D/s and now are the ways that He acts and reacts to me sexually in nonsexual situations. Some of the things He says and does would be completely inappropriate for a gentleman to say and do and so He never did before. Now however, now that He knows I crave His attention and His touch, now He behaves differently.

Last night when we were finally alone in the kitchen He made no qualms about watching me move, overt and obvious in what He was looking at and what He was thinking …. At that time He was not interested in my mind or character, oh no He had something very different on His mind.

There is something deliciously exciting about knowing that I have that appeal for Him, to make Him stop and watch and that He has that power over me, to make me feel like a nervous school girl! UGH there’s that word again, girl …. !

The other night He even went so far as to say ‘it’s a good thing I work for home, because letting me out alone would be too dangerous’! I suppose that as a strong independent feminist I should be outraged, but as His nijntje I am just over the moon with joy! 😉

Now don’t misunderstand, He would never stand in my way or try to stifle me or keep me down but when all the other gentlemanly things are taken care of and life is going along as it always does, it is nice to be reminded once in a while that there is a Bear inside of there who is very protective of His bunny!

Happy, ummm, whatever day it is today! *chuckle* Haven’t much time to write lately but I thought I’d hop in today for a few minutes.

Love You Always Bear! ❤

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