Sometimes *t happens, such is life!

The last few days I have been fighting a cold, a nasty one that attacks my sinus and allergies as well. It makes it hard to breathe and eventually my air ways and throat swell. I take some medication to help clear that up but it dries my airways so much that I spend a lot of time coughing so as to try to get some air! So what has this got to do with D/s?

Well every day I wear my cuffs and something around my neck, usually a choker because I like them, as does Sir but sometimes it’s a different necklace depending on my attire and because I have so many, why lock them away? Every night as part of our bed time Sir places a leather collar on for sleep and weekend wear. Two nights ago I had to wake Him at midnight and tell Him I couldn’t breathe. We had already discussed the possibility of an issue because of how bad I was feeling and unfortunately it came true, I needed to have my collar removed.

I didn’t want to go without it, it’s been part of me in one way or another for a very long time now but as much as I wanted my collar I didn’t want to suffocate and I’m confident that wouldn’t be at all pleasing to my Sir!  I admit that it did feel odd, for a minute or two when He took it off but it really didn’t take much time for me to focus on the facts. Yes my collar means a lot to me and to Sir but my health is more important. Getting worried or worked up over something that couldn’t be helped was pointless and being upset over a ‘prop’ being removed that only meant something because of the feeling behind it was also pointless.

The feelings hadn’t changed and the discussion had already been had, sometimes *t happens, it’s called life. Dwelling on material things is a waste of energy if a healthy and happy relationship is the reality.

So last night I tried again, the collar was a whole size larger in order to let me breathe, I managed most of the night but still had to be propped up on two pillows and not the most comfortable or restful. My neck, shoulders and everything are sore now after so many days …. not sure if I will be able to wear it at all. I guess we’ll see!

Either way I’m still His and He’s still with me, I’m not about to worry over a prop!

Happy Friday All!

Love You Always my Wonderful Sir ❤


8 thoughts on “Sometimes *t happens, such is life!

  1. It isn’t a prop, it’s a tangible symbol of his dominance, love and care for you. It will be because of those things that he may choose to remove it in order to better care for his most valuable person. He will have both placed it and removed it for the same reasons but, like him leaving in the morning, it will return come evening.

    Hope you are better soon ma’am.


    1. Yes you are right, I didn’t mean to sound like I was trivializing the meaning behind the collar. My intention was mainly to say that as much as it is important in the right context it is not however more important than your well being.

      Sometimes we get so wrapped up in the symbols that we forget to take care of ourselves too. I know for me anyway I have in the past made myself so upset/guilty feeling over not being able to follow through with something such as this when the reality was I had done my best and Sir was pleased regardless. The angst was wasted ….

      Of course I’m half asleep now and the Bear just presented me with my meds, I might be making no sense at all! *chuckle* night night friend!


    1. I’m sure you could try something else and see if it helps. My current state means just about anything is enough to irritate and besides since it’s not an on going problem finding a less substantial collar for the sake of a few days is just not worth the expense.

      Sir decided to use the big leather cuffs instead while I heal. It lends itself nicely to the ritual and the feel without need for a shopping trip! 😀


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