Gardens, memories …. and a little D/s

For the last few years Sir and I have been working on the gardens, front garden, side garden, around and up the driveway even …. flowers are as far as the eye can see! πŸ˜€

A few years back we started taking some private trips, just for us, He and I … no kids, no other reason than to be alone and enjoy each other. It was about the same time we started playing around with the ideals and rituals of Domination and submission. They are very much the only moments we get to be alone and focus only on ourselves for a couple of days out of every year.

One of my most favourite places to visit is Niagara-on-the-Lake in the middle of the summer when all the wine and culinary tours are in full swing! Normally we spend one full day on a wine tour by bus, lots of interesting people and places and no need to drive or find parking, next we’ll do a historical tour and perhaps even a late evening ghost tour! They really are the most fun and often provide much more detailed history and folklore than you can find anywhere else. The very first one I went on in Niagara Falls took me to the original home where slaves would hide out after fleeing across the river from the US to Canada. The home was owned by a doctor and his wife and they helped the injured and hid them until they could continue on. You can imagine the stories that came from the ghosts of the ones who didn’t make it …..

Anyway, back to the tours, the streets are filled with manicured flower beds and hanging baskets full of vivid lively colours, as far as the eye can see. One of the first rules we had when out and about was that I hold His hand and must ask if I’d like to go and look at something in a store or just over … where ever it might be. Apparently I’m small enough and fast enough that Sir used to have a very hard time keeping track of me, who knew?!?! :O I remember the look of contentment and smile on His face when I would stop and ask, please Sir? And of course all the pretty flowers in the back ground.

One of the first times He made it known He claimed me in public was at the bar area of the wine tour, He came up behind me and rested one hand on either side of the bar around me, effectively holding me captive and contained for all to see! πŸ˜€ I do believe that was theΒ bestΒ wine sample I’ve ever had! *giggle*

So every year we would come home and every year I would add a few more baskets and a few more flowers, my entire driveway is now lined and Sir makes sure to park the vehicles back far enough that I get a full view from my kitchen and family room windows.

He knows that my flowers and gardens mean a lot to me, and there are a few other reasons too, but what He likely doesn’t realize is how much they keep me connected to Him.

Every time I turn my head and the colours catch my eye, every time I get a chance to just sit with a cup of coffee and look out to enjoy them, every time I walk up the drive … I feel the heat from the sun on my skin, my hand in His and the feeling of belonging.

Yeah the kinky sex is fun but that’s not the point of D/s, at least it’s not the point of mine. I guess He knows the rest of why I like my gardens now …. *giggle*

Love You Always my Wonderful Sir! ❀


4 thoughts on “Gardens, memories …. and a little D/s

  1. That general region has a soil and climate that allows for an amazing display of color with little effort. It’s always noticeable when passing through and I won’t deny envying it.

    Maybe he should leash the darty little rabbit.

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    1. I have a feeling some Bear will get a chuckle out of this one!! LOL That would certainly add some excitement I dare say, but the Bear prefers to keep His kink private. πŸ˜‰


  2. Awww…. I love this, nijntje!!! Love the way he claimed you at the wine bar. Nothing sends shivers down my spine more than when Daddy “claims me” in some way in front of others. And, you have a kindred spirit here when it comes to flowers! We’ve been working on our yards and have done so much planting…I absolutely love the colors, smells, textures πŸ™‚

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    1. It’s been a few years now but I still get quite the rush when He rests His hand on the back of my neck. πŸ˜€
      When we moved some 8 years ago we basically moved into an over grown park!! It’s definitely been a labour of love. Last fall I moved some of my grandmothers plants here as well, as a type of memorial, she was an avid gardener. πŸ˜€ Now if I could just get those Japanese beetles to beat it! UGH

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