Just one more day to go!

The last few days the Bear has been rubbing my body and helping me relax for quite some time every night. Last night I was surprised with the much larger and obvious collar to sleep in, it was a bit to get used to but had a nice relaxing and calming effect. 

I find myself moving back towards crawling towards Him, rubbing against Him and just settling back into the passenger side of this ride, it’s truly heavenly!

My sleep is still broken but better and my dreams are turning towards serving and pleasing my Sir.

Most of those things dreamt will have to wait 😉 the house is much too busy still but it is fun to fantasize! Hurry up 5:30 …. 😀

Thank you for bringing me back to myself!

Love You Always Sir ❤

7 thoughts on “Just one more day to go!

  1. Enjoyed every minute of it nijntje. I do love to be close to your body and to see the stress leave you. You are my most important possession. 😀


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