Hurry up Friday!

I’ve been in a bit of a trance lately, but not a submissive one, a dominant one! There are things in life that fall squarely in my court and many of them are happening now! I always have Sir’s support and if in doubt He still gets last say but it is very rare that I am in doubt of what needs doing and how.

I’ve been having a difficult time sleeping, most nights are broken sleep at best, normally I roll around a few hours each time. I’ve never been a good sleeper and my physical state is not helping one bit.

I’ve been having strange dreams when I do sleep, dreams about my grandmother, she passed away last July. Some are just random, some are reliving one of two specific situations, I’m not sure why. I seem to be taking inventory of all my mistakes of the past ….. who knows why? *shrug*

One night after finally falling asleep in the wee hours of the morning I dreamt that Sir removed my cuffs …. they don’t come off. Humm ….

On Friday I’m starting my holidays, I’m hoping to be able to bump up the structure and ritualistic acts of submission to get me out of my head and provide some respite! The things requiring my attention should be all squared away by then, here’s hoping!

Time to get an ice pack! Happy Tuesday! 😀

8 thoughts on “Hurry up Friday!

  1. Hope you can sleep better =/ it’s the worst feeling waking up in the middle of night and can’t sleep after.

    Can’t wait for Friday too!!! We are leaving for a mini vacation on Friday night! =D so here is to Tuesday!

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  2. Hope you find something that will relax you. I’m on holiday too rn and relaxed the second I left work 😀

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