What is a dominant?

When it comes to life

When it comes to sex

When it comes to leading a submissive

What is a dominant’s role and how do you fulfill that role? Or is it simply my way or the highway? Is being dominant all about what the submissive should be/has to be doing for you?

When a submissive/or want to be submissive comes to you with open arms and says show me, what do you do? What are your first steps?

When a submissive lies before you, open and honest and following to the best of their ability, what should your response be?

If you go through all of this and can’t recognize the emotions within, is that their failing?

My experience with submission has brought me freedom and peace, never have I felt a failure, never have I felt not good enough in the eyes of my dominant.

My experience with dominance however has always brought me a feeling of servitude, because only then am I doing my job properly and taking care of those who have allowed me to lead.


Happy Tuesday All!

Love You Always my Wonderful Sir ❤

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