About Monday – to ‘prove’ a point sort to speak …

Don’t worry Sir, no details! πŸ˜›

I often say things like relationships are a two-way street, a dance, one fuels the other etc. etc. and since I just had a chance to basically make that same statement again the recipient of said comment got me thinking about what are my active actions of submission.

My response in regards to some of their issue was:

Well, I’m not sure what your nightly ritual would be but in my case it involves kneeling, if He was to be seemingly busy or forgetting I would ask if β€œI may go up and kneel for you Sir while I wait?”

I do dress up for my Sir and if I feel it’s not being noticed time and time again I will ask β€œIs this not pleasing to you Sir? You have not mentioned my dress.” for example, or something of that nature. It reminds Him how much I really do rely on His notice and comments, AND that they need to be said out loud! *chuckle* My husband will often *think* it but forget to verbalize His pleasure … this gives Him a gentle and polite reminder of my needs too.

Not sure what things specifically you do but you could likely find a way of working them into this type of communicating and showing that yes, this is me doing for you Sir.

Basically instead of worrying about or getting upset that He hasn’t done whatever it is my little head came up with, I ask …. politely but I still ask.

So on Monday night (not that anything was amiss, just another dimension of the same active submission) after a wonderful and fun-filled weekend πŸ˜‰ and first day back to work I really wasn’t expecting any play! πŸ˜€

When all was said and done and because of the above mentioned Monday stuff, I asked Him: “Why did you play with me tonight Sir?”

The answer was pretty straight forward and in keeping I think : “You turned me on, so I took what was mine!”

One feeds the other ….

Happy Hump Day!!

Love You Always Sir! ❀

Comments welcome! :D

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