Small things are important too!

Last evening Sir decided that He would do some things to help maintain our connection and ensure that continued calm we both enjoy in this life. We had a busy but wonderful weekend and Monday always flies by when getting back to work and taking care of whatever might need attention. By Tuesday things start to settle back into a normal routine of the week and really the first time you notice you are back at it as they say.

Sir was in the middle of cutting the grass by the time I was finally done with work for the day and He decided He would shut things down right then and there and come take care of our ‘5 minutes’ before He continued. This is a common thing here to keep us both happy but He also decided to add a few things to the evening since we had other plans and other things that needed attention. He wanted to make sure that we stayed connected, that we stayed at peace ….

He vocalized to me that there was no way He wasn’t going to make time for us and that He ‘missed me bunny’ … 😀 He let me know that He was adding a few things to the evening to keep me mindful of who I belonged to and then we were off again!

When He takes control of my body that way and then continues with the subtleties of keeping control of my actions it shows me that I can count on Him to be invested in controlling and caring for anything else that might come up and that is important.

Although these small actions are not overly complicated and no longer lead to crazy feelings of euphoria they do still show commitment and consistency that tells me He can be counted on when I need Him. We’ve been at this for a while now and although those little moments and things are no longer so highly emotionally charged they do still mean a great deal and work well for maintaining balance!

Anyone can sneak in 5 minutes, you just need to keep yourself in the right state of mind to let it mean something and let it keep you connected. Everything is a choice …. little things can matter!

Love You Sooo Bear! ❤

3 thoughts on “Small things are important too!

    1. You’re welcome nora!

      You don’t need to be a millionaire with a dungeon full of toys or on strict high protocols all the time to make this work – you just need to be realistic and balanced. 😀

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