Totally freaked out! Sunday night ….. yup, I did!

This weekend was the Retrofest and we went as usual, had a wonderful time, talking and walking and looking at all the cool cars and some trucks! It was warm and sunny and the streets were crammed with people enjoy their day just as we were!

We ran into a few people we knew, family and friends, we had a nice chat with a retired airplane engineer who now spends his time redoing old cars and touring! I got lots of pictures, I’ll post some soon! We ended up with an invite to my brother-in-laws for drinks later that evening! We meant to stay just a short while to say hello and make an appearance, it was after 1 am when we finally left! *giggle* I guess Sir was having fun, I think He mostly likes to watch me …..

Sunday was another sunny day for the most part, we got some yard work in, lots of flowers and things to keep the place looking pretty! 😀 Busy days but very good! I had asked for some extra time and to be conquered and Sir was more than happy to indulge me so by Sunday night I guess I was feeling a whole lot like a ‘girl’ …. that’s when it happened!

I was pouring a drink for my youngest, he had left the glass on the floor in the library while he was on the pc and it must have been empty for a little while. Anyhow I had gone in to talk to him and he asked if I could refill it for him, no problem. I brought it back to the kitchen, grabbed some juice from the refrigerator and started to fill his glass – a spider started to crawl out of the glass …. yikes! I totally freaked out! Started yelling and threw the glass in the sink, the boys come running in trying to figure out what was happening … OMG so embarrassing! I was in total ‘girl’ mode! *giggle*

I managed to calm down *sheesh* but I asked Sir to ‘get it’ for me, and of course with a big @ss smile on his face and a chuckle He walked away!!! Get it He says, it’s so small I can’t even see it! 😛

By this time the thing is crawling around in my sink and I’m freaking out and screaming again! Much to His amusement I’m sure ….

Now you must understand, normally I take care of these things on my own and without much fuss, I normally try to get the little critters outside if possible without hurting them but I DON’T freak out!! LMAO I told you D/s has turned me into a GIRL!

Try not to enjoy yourself too much at my expense you Evil Evil Bear!! *giggle*

Happy Monday All!

Love You Always Sir ❤

7 thoughts on “Totally freaked out! Sunday night ….. yup, I did!

  1. Spiders…creepy crawlies…I’m pretty much ok with them. Centipedes and millipedes, they’re interesting to watch as they move along the floor. Now mice? That’s a big squick to me. I know what you’re thinking. Big burly guy afraid of a teensy weensy mouse? Yup. Can’t stand them. If the cat should happen to catch one (not an unusual occurrence given we live in a house that’s almost 180 years old) and kill it, I still have to pick up the damn thing with a shovel and carry it outside. Can NOT touch it. If it’s still alive? Wow…I’m pretty well screwed. So, believe me, I can relate. More than once I’ve been surprised by a mouse, or vole, or some other little furry critter that I wasn’t expecting to encounter.

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    1. I hear yah! I think it’s the surprise factor that really freaked me out, normally I’ve got my ‘big girl panties’ on so it doesn’t matter anyway but between being totally ‘girlie’ and then surprised! UGH! It’s just the state of mind at the time I suppose.

      We have an old home too and mice tend to find their way in especially in the winter months, but I have had ferrets and rats as pets so the furry critters don’t bother me at all. 😀 Not touching them is probably for the best anyway, you wouldn’t want to subject yourself to whatever they might be carrying around.

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