Replacing old memories …

This weekend is kind of special around here, we have a ‘Retrofest’ that show cases old cars and trucks, some pretty cool and impressive ones to be sure. People come from all over to bring their cars and to look … Sir loves to go up town and check them out. It has long been one of His favourite things to do on a sunny Saturday morning!

A few years back it was also the source and place of one of our most awful and now embarrassing moments. I’m writing this from my perspective but I know it was by no means strictly my fault, it was just one of those things that happened and we have learned from it and moved on …. but it is worth remembering so as to not repeat it.

We had been out for a dog walk and I was already not feeling well, the timing was bad and my body was just not cooperating with me. I had already stated I didn’t want to go, that I was not at all interested but I really didn’t say why. Instead of talking to me or letting me know that he was going anyway Sir said nothing, but since we were walking anyway He just slowly lead us in a round about way but in that direction. By the time I looked up from our conversation and the things that were on my mind I realized where we were and what He had done.  By now my body was really hurting and my head was fuzzy and I just really needed to be home and sit down, which we were now very far from, I was livid!

I turned to Him with fire in my eyes, I was angry and in no mood to deal with the crowd and the noise and I was going to make damn sure He became just as miserable as I was …… and I did. I took off on Him making my way through the crowd as quickly as I could, even at that pace it took a good 30 minutes to get home and I lead the way the entire time. I stormed in the house and although I don’t remember saying much I know He could feel my anger and mood ….  So much so that by the following year when the event came back He never even mentioned it.

This was before we had gotten deep into this life and before any punishments or repercussions were talked about and honestly with the part He played in this that wouldn’t have been fair or right anyway but by the time it came back around I needed to make emends. You see without corrections for me there was no closure, I still carried around the guilt of that day and I knew I had to make it better. It was so out of character for me to begin with and I know there were many things at play (too many to get into) but I still felt I had to fix it. I had treated my husband very poorly, I hadn’t been respectful of this man who will do anything for me, to care for me and protect me. Yes He had made mistakes too but I had no right to be such a b*tch, and believe me I was …

So when the Retrofest came back around I asked Him about it and as I assumed He said He wasn’t going, didn’t want to bother with it this time. Much to His surprise I’m sure I asked Him if we could go anyway, even just for a little bit, if He liked? I could see the confusion in His eyes and I’m sure He didn’t really know if He wanted to try again but He agreed and we went. I had already decided that I was going to have a good time and that I was going to make Him proud to be with me this time!

Now I’m not much into cars but I am a bit artsy and I can find something to get excited about, even in cars, if I try. I didn’t tell Him exactly what I was about, I wanted to surprise Him but I had decide I wanted to make art out of steering wheels and photographs! 😀 Do you know how cool those old ones can look? From all the different angles and styles ….

So I dressed up nicely in a sundress and put on a smile, I held His hand and kept asking if we could check this one out, and that one out? We talked about the colours and sizes of each and how many different ones there really was …. and we smiled and laughed and had a wonderful time! I know by the time we got home He was the happiest and proudest man on the streets of that show and I was damn proud to be His, and I think He was proud to have me too! 😀

Needless to say we make it a point of going every year now, and yes Sir I remember the rules!

  • I must tell you if I need a break
  • I must tell you if I am getting tired
  • I must tell you if I am not feeling well
  • I must tell you if I need a drink
  • I must tell you if I really just need to get home
  • I must not martyr myself ….

Last year was particularly fun for Sir I’m sure, since He made things a bit interesting for me in my attire, sundresses are cute and comfortable but on a windy day ……

Evil kinky Bear!! You had lots of fun watching me try to keep my skirt down so as to not show off what you were up to, humm Bear!?!? LOL

Love You Always my wonderful Sir ❤

14 thoughts on “Replacing old memories …

  1. It sounds like you have definitely made amends for the first time…I love how you wrote that you had already decided to have a good time and you did! It is amazing what our mindset can do for us. Have fun this weekend😊

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      1. Thank goodness for that, if it was all up to situations and circumstance I’m afraid I would be one very unhappy bunny!
        Your mom must have been a wise woman to be raised by, you are very lucky!

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  2. As always, you make some excellent points about the D/s lifestyle/relationship. Being submissive doesn’t mean we don’t tell our dominant what is going on (in a polite and respectful manner) so he can attend to the situation immediately. No one can read minds, nor should they be forced to try. Not speaking up and communicating what’s happening is definitely a big no-no! Wish I could see the beautiful old cars; I happen to love that sort of thing. Maybe you’ll take more photos and share some?

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  3. Yup, kit used to blame Master for a lot of things. Eventually He just shuts down and avoid the kit in those moments when kit needed Him the most. So yeah, now kit just tell Him what exactly is going on in kit’s mind and conflicts avoided =) good post.

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    1. Thanks kit!

      The thing that bothered me the most that day was that He lied to me, that is something I just can’t handle. It might not been a verbal lie but the sneaky way He went about it added up to the same thing.

      Now that Sir knows He is in control He speaks up and then conflict avoided, just like you said! 😀


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