And it continues ….

There have been so many things needing my attention and my strength lately that sexy and submissive and needy is the last thing on my mind.

I have been in full on mamma bear mode for some time and it is likely not going to end anytime soon. Sex is definitely not on the brain and being tied up and ‘tortured’ 😉 is not my constant day-dream, as it would be otherwise …. good thing those activities don’t define us or we would be totally screwed!

Don’t get me wrong, I still drop everything in an instant and melt into His little naughty sex slave when He wants me and I enjoy it immensely, and we both take out our stress on my backside …. just not as long or intense as ‘play’ normally would be but for us it works when done on a regular basis.

I’m not feeling overly kinky right now, (not that it doesn’t change into that when we start to play) …… but I’m not feeling any less connected or any less His!

Although spending a few hours this weekend in just my cuffs and collar would be heavenly Sir …. dscn1037

…. and perhaps that new thing you bought … 😉

Thank you for being more than just a DOM on paper and in kink. Thank you for being strong enough to let me lead in life and still confident and stable enough to hold Your place with us.

It’s that strength of character I’ve been following for some 22 years now anyway ….

Love You Always Sir ❤

7 thoughts on “And it continues ….

    1. Sorry to be such a tease Nora (or maybe not too sorry!! lol) but anything intimate or related to details of our sex life is strictly off limits!
      Sir is not the sharing type, not even a little …
      I may speak in general terms, especially if it might be helpful to someone else but that’s as far is it goes. 🙂
      It’s nothing earth shattering I can assure you, just seems to be a favourite of His atm!

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  1. Unfortunately, life does get in the way of kink. It’s pretty much inevitable. Finding time for practicing your kink and dynamic is key, but with kids in the mix, personal responsibilities, it all adds up and…well you know that song as well as I do.
    Even though my Miss and I are in different states, we’ve been trying to find time to connect as much as we can, and the advent of IM, as well as other methods, makes that easier. Even so, we both have separate familial responsibilities and we’ve agreed that present family comes first. So it’s a balancing act. Curious here too what that new item is, but you just keep it to yourself. And your Sir. I’ll just use my imagination. (Evil grin)

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    1. Balance is definitely a key component and one I think many people forget to access from time to time. My travels at least have shown people so far into kink and dynamics that when life hits them square in the face the whole thing falls apart and they are either ‘on a break’ or trying desperately to pick up the pieces.

      I tend to think long term when adding and implementing things to our life, something your last post hit on as well! 😀

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