Some of my favourite things …

I wrote this over a year ago when most of you folks didn’t know I existed! LOL I’m not sure if it’s interesting or not but it does give you a glimpse of how I think and live. I’m a free spirit in general and don’t fit into any one category … and I like it that way! 😉 To me life is about finding joy in the moment and being the best I can be.

nijntje & The Bear

I am a very realistic and straight forward person but I am by no means pessimistic. I am mature and responsible and I don’t complain, I find solutions. But that doesn’t mean that I don’t enjoy the simple things in life, as a matter of fact I find that the simple things are the ones that make the biggest difference in your general well being and state of mind.

I don’t consider myself big or little or middle or whatever, I am just me. I like the feel of a soft stuffed toy and I can’t go by the toy section without feeling every one of them and determining which is the fluffiest! 😀 Normally that one gets picked up and nuzzled into my neck for a hug. This elicits a smirk for sure and normally an all out smile from Sir.

I like long socks with lots of colours…

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