Trying to make a change – anyone help?

I have two blogs that are linked to this email address which means that all my comments are under Sir’s nijntje and anyone looking me up automatically comes to this blog.

What I would like to do it change it so that the other blog has a different email and profile, does anyone know if this is possible and how? Outside of having to start over …..

Thanks! and Happy Monday! 😀

15 thoughts on “Trying to make a change – anyone help?

  1. I am not positive with this site, but you should be able to create a new email address (or a different existing one) and go to account settings, add the new email, and then delete the old one. Most linked sites work this way. You must add the new one before deleting the old one.
    I hope this helps.


    1. That’s what I would have thought as well but so far it hasn’t proved to be the case. I have found a spot where you can ‘transfer’ your account to another registered wordpress user ….
      Working on that now, I just want to be sure I don’t lose the site name, it’s important to me. I guess we’ll see what happens! Wish me luck! LOL


      1. yup, that’s what I’m trying! 😀 google being what it is tends to prioritize email addys so I’m making sure all other instances of google are closed and only the one email I want is accessible – otherwise it kicks it over to whatever it wants instead of letting me choose! I had it do the same thing with my kid’s school website signup even though I was using a completely different email account to ‘accept’ from, it was quite the surprise and NOT what I needed the school linked to! LOL

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  2. Changing an email address on any platform would have to be possible, otherwise what would you do if your email address was compromised, or you switched ISPs (and didn’t have a Gmail or Yahoo address)? Not sure if you’ve solved the problem already, but a quick Google search brought up this information:

    Account Email Address. To change your account email please visit your settings page. At the top you will see a box where you can change your email address. After you change your email address remember to press the “Save Changes” button at the bottom of the page.

    Hope this helps!

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    1. You would think that to be the case but unfortunately it doesn’t seem to be. Thus far the only viable option I have found is to transfer the site to a new address as I mentioned in an earlier comment.
      TBH I have yet to do that because I am fearful that I might have to change the actual site name and that really does not appeal to me. If I get that far and then for some reason can’t reverse it, well I’d be pretty upset.
      I tried the info you sent, I can’t seem to find it … not the way they are saying anyway!


  3. Not certain this will work for you, but I went to the WordPress website through my own blog (I use a modified version of the dashboard, at least I think it is since my blog is hosted on my own website.) At the very bottom there’s a question mark in a circle; it’s the help section. I clicked on it and it took me to a page where one can change their email address and other items. Also, I went to the help section and found this:

    It was posted within the last 2 weeks, so the information should be current.


      1. I have tried! lol thank you for taking the time, my problem is that it is a secondary blog account. All these things work to change the addy but it changes for both. What I am trying to do more precisely is to separate the two. It does not seem to be possible without the stuff I said last time around! LOL wish me luck! I’ve been too busy and too chicken to try!

        On Mon, May 29, 2017 at 11:03 PM, Sir's nijntje wrote:



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