Hummm, …. anyone?

I always feel odd when I don’t write something, but at this point I’m not entirely sure what to write ….

I’ve covered most topics I can think of that are not directly sexually explicit over the past year and a half already. I can’t imagine anyone wanting to read about the mundane everyday stuff that was set on ‘repeat’ …


I don’t think most people read back on a blog further than when they ‘arrived’ but just in case I don’t like to repeat myself so …..

Or perhaps a simple curiosity …..

Any suggestions anyone?!??!

Happy Friday!

13 thoughts on “Hummm, …. anyone?

  1. I’ll admit to have yet to go thru all your archived posts, however, I’m always interested in hearing how people lost their virginity and the evolution of their sexuality, even prior to that.
    If you’ve done such a blog, PLS let me know the link.

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  2. I think my comments are being marked as spam again…I left you a comment earlier and now it is missing… always love your posts!

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    1. Oh no! That’s not good. I have my spam filter set to high so if I look for spam, there is none, perhaps I should set it to lower …. although once you have been approved it shouldn’t even question it!?!?
      That is very bizarre indeed, could you send it again?

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      1. It has been a strange thing…just randomly, my comments are being marked as spam…I don’t understand why or how to fix it. Oh well…I’ll just re-post my comments πŸ™‚ What I had written earlier was I love to read anything that you have written…hearing about what first got you into this lifestyle would be good…did you always know you were a little kinky? πŸ™‚


      2. Thank you, lurvspanking! If that is the case, I think it is lame! I know I love getting comments from my peers on Word Press and I like to let others know that I read their work. I can’t help it that I read fast and am a fast typist πŸ™‚


      3. I have written about what got me into this lifestyle and I’ll try to find it(them) and maybe reblog. The short of it was to show my husband that He was needed and provided much more for me than He thought! I’ve always been very strong and a go getter – I’m a natural dominant so for Him to see Himself as the head of our home was a huge change in direction.
        Perhaps I’ll just write a new post! LOL Time adds clarity and I might be able to expand on what I first wrote anyway! πŸ˜‰
        As to kinky, darn straight! LOL The masochistic side of me was not obvious or perhaps not there yet but kinky, yeah …. since I can remember!

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      4. Thank you for sharing! I am (or was) naturally dominant as well, and it wasn’t working well for our marriage. My husband has really grown since we began this lifestyle…he is so much more confident…so sexy!

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  3. Personally, I like hearing about the everyday mundane things. Part of the reason I joined the blogosphere is cause I struggled to find much online by or about subs that wasn’t pornographic, how-to guides, or people going on about their sexual escapades. I want to know what a real day in the life looks like for other subs that isn’t about their bedroom lives (cause we all know that’s generally a small percentage of your life). I like hearing about the struggles, ups and downs, and achievements that people face. Also, when you read about BDSM online, you start to get this idea of how it’s supposed to look, with chains, and kneeling, and protocol all the time, and blogs like yours help to bring it back down to reality, which I find helpful, especially when I start measuring my relationship by those expectations created by the web. πŸ™‚


    1. Thank you Kevin, I sometimes wonder if anyone wants to hear about the stuff that isn’t kinky and all sex because almost all sites end up there as you said! I have never wanted to be one of those sites, for starters what I do with my husband in the privacy of my own home is not anyone else’s business.
      I too have found that the dynamics talked about are sometimes just unrealistic … I have a job, kids and pets not to mention responsibilities and surprise visits from family and friends, could you imagine trying to fit cuffs and chains and walking around naked into that situation, and getting away with it? LOL For starters I work with children, the first thing to go would be my job and credibility.
      Don’t get me wrong, it’s nice to incorporate these things when possible but it’s certainly not a day in and day out occurrence. I got tired of reading the sites that made you feel that if you didn’t do it that way then you were not 24/7 or it wasn’t real. TBH it’s those sites I find that have the subs with the lowest and hardest crashes and sub drops …. and I don’t want any of it!

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    1. I’ll admit that it is difficult for me to differentiate between things and things done w/submission because much of how I treat my husband is the same from before we started a dynamic – I think the main difference honestly is that He now sees and recognizes that other relationships are not like ours.
      To me it’s always been about treating the person I married with respect and love. πŸ˜€


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