Things and stuff …. but not less D/s

My life isn’t any different from anyone else’s, we have tough times and issues to deal with sometimes more than what we bargained for but hey! Such is life …..

Nothing much has changed from a couple of days ago to today but things are looking a bit brighter regardless. Sometimes just getting a second opinion and words of encouragement are enough, enough for me anyway.

And we are still no less D/s or connected or what have you …..

Things aren’t all high protocol and scripted and BDSM has not been on the radar for some time. We have our connection and some impact play but it certainly hasn’t been the things that stories are written about every day or every time. We have work, kids, issues and no time that we are alone at home so low-key and ‘whatever we can sneak in’ is just going to have to do for now ….. but I don’t feel any less connected.

Am I missing some of the more intense play that lasts hours and leaves me exhausted … well, yes but I don’t translate that into less submissive or less connected. I still know I’m His and I still know I can come to Him if I need something, and I do. Perhaps that’s the key that keeps me going, I don’t second guess if I should say something or not, I just do … and He takes care of it as He sees fit.

Sometimes it’s nothing more than a tug on my hair to make me look up at Him while He tells me I’m His, or when He rubs His hand across my backside while we’re out and about, or He places His hand on the back of my neck and rubs His thumb up and down …. and then back to regular life we go.

All I know for sure is that I don’t stop telling Him what I need and He doesn’t stop listening ….

I might not be tied up and swinging from the chandelier but I am still very much following His lead. This is real life not a story book, to think that the intensity and micro managed feeling could be maintained in our current stage of life, day in and day out, would only lead to disappointment.

Maybe I’m just too realistic for this blog, but the protocols, ideals, rules and rituals along with micromanaging and such for people with busy full lives in other avenues always seem to end up causing problems and feelings of failure. I don’t need my husband to sign off on every single mundane act in my day-to-day life to know He loves me and will take care of me when I need Him to. I just need Him there when it counts ….

Love You Always Sir ❀


2 thoughts on “Things and stuff …. but not less D/s

  1. I love this, and it’s clear you have a beautiful relationship. It is so much more than the BDSM. And I agree, I don’t know how some people have time for the endless rules, protocols, and micromanagement characteristic (or maybe even stereotypical?) of many D/s relationships. And for those that have that kind of time and energy, that’s awesome. We have a very organic relationship, and it has to be, because life never stops happening.

    Your ability to maintain such good communication with your Sir is inspiring. 😊

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    1. Thanks Kevin!

      I realized a while ago as I was flying around by the seat of my pants that these micromanaged ideas were not going to work very well when life hits you and demands spur of the moment decisions …. so we picked a more realistic balance with basic rules/ideas but the small stuff was go with the flow and in keeping with the basic set rules.

      For some reason it occurred to me today that someone reading this blog might wonder why it is I don’t seem to have those let downs and disappointments that seem to be all too common when life happens to people in this dynamic. I guess this was just my attempt at clearing that up …. πŸ˜€

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