… much weight to carry ….

Currently feeling the weight of life, so many things and so much to deal with that my head is swimming …. fuzzy, not at all clear.

It’s these moments that I know how far down this rabbit hole I really am, these are the moments I look for Him the most.

Hoping this evening brings some resolution, or at least a start!

5 thoughts on “… much weight to carry ….

    1. Thank you kit! I think that is a wise way to process things as well!

      All my non-D/s related thoughts I put on nijntje’s Babadook, this part just happened to occur to me and related to the dynamic so I wrote it here. 🙂


    1. Thank you! 😀

      It wasn’t a resolution exactly but I did get validity and the power to keep moving forward and for now that is enough. Sometimes just knowing you are doing the right thing is all you need!


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