I have met some pretty cool ladies in my life time, most of them recently. They are all pretty strong, opinionated and capable women who certainly stand on their own two feet and take no BS from anyone ….

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They have earned my respect and I can assure you that I don’t give that out lightly and you know what the funniest part is? The stronger and more secure the woman the less likely I am to hear anything negative about life or their husbands. The more capable they are the less likely it is that they care about what ‘type’ of relationship I have and if my husband calls the shots ultimately or not.

I guess what I’m saying is that the truly strong and able females in my surroundings are more than likely to have a same or similar relationship as I do. It may or may not be kinky but that really isn’t the main thing here anyway, is it?

Being ‘submissive’ and being happy in it has more to do with personal strength than kink, lifestyle or a DOM. It takes the right outlook, the right attitude and a lot of personal discipline.

I know myself that this lifestyle would never have been a thing to strive for in my books, not until I became completely at peace with myself and my self-worth. Now, well you can see by my blog how often I have issues …..

I don’t rely on my dominant to make me feel submissive (aka good about myself and where I am in life) I rely on myself to be truthful and honest and express my needs and wants at any given time. In this case the outcome is within His control of course, but the start and finish of it all really is in my court – isn’t it?

I’ve always believed that our lives are only as good or as bad as we make them, regardless of what’s going on around you – and believe me I have plenty going on. It takes a lot of strength and self advocacy to be in this lifestyle and to be a ‘submissive’. It’s not about standing back and waiting to be told, it’s about standing up and letting them know what you need. It’s also about making it clear when what you need is not being met ….

Tone, manners, timing etc …. yes all of that! But it still needs to be done.

The happiest ‘submissives’ I know are also some of the strongest and most outspoken people I have ever met. Most of them have no labels either ….. It’s not about feminism, it’s not about vanilla, it’s about you.

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Not sure where this ‘train of thought’ came from but at least it won’t keep me up tonight! LOL

Love You Sir ❤

Comments welcome! :D

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