The Devil’s in the details – Perspective

My last post brought out a comment that I have read often but nearly forgot about, so I thought I would take this chance to clarify. If you read my other site you might have some insight but if you don’t, and you are just looking for D/s or M/s ideals well, some of them might not be so obvious here from the outside looking in.

When I speak of equal, I speak of humanity and not who gets to make the decisions in a consensual relationship …. we are all human are we not? I do not differentiate being submissive from being human, and I do not differentiate being equal in life from being submissive. To me they are one.

Being equal in my view does not mean the same, it might not even be similar but the over all VALUE IS the same, is equal.

My body, my mind, my thoughts and my emotions – my values, my wants and my needs are all just as important and valuable as anyone else’s, including my Dominant. Being female and His submissive does not make me less than, being male and my dominant does not make Him more than – we are equal.

Long long time ago in a land far far away – I was told that I could not go off to Uni until my brother(s) were ready to go, I needed to pick courses in a school of their choosing and I had to wait so that they could go and watch over me.  The fact that I was intellectually stronger, morally stronger, older and much more mature had no baring because I was female and therefore ‘less than”.

In case you can’t guess that did not go over well. I was only 16 but my marks were such that we were already talking grad and uni, instead I moved out and made my own way from that day forward. I worked my @ss off and kept moving forward albeit a bit slower than I might have, there are not many well-paying jobs for teenagers still trying to complete school, but I did it.

When I speak of equality I speak of my value as a human being and the value placed upon my work as a human being. To me male and female, dominant and submissive, husband and wife, mother and father … we are all equal because our value and our worth is the same. Not greater than, not less than – equal.

Do I want to act like a man? no! Do I want to be treated like a man? no! Do I want to be respected and valued equally? yes!

In my view you can be different but equal. Equal does not mean the same …. it does mean however that I am just as important in a real sense. That’s my dragon ….

Awesome Dragon Yin Yang Tattoos Art ❥❥❥

So yes, I can pull my own weight, make difficult decisions, look after finances, call the shots in my work and make plans in my day to day life. I can take control of all sorts of things on a regular basis and be comfortable and confident doing it and at the end of the day I can still go and rest at His feet or with my head in His lap and not feel that I am missing something.

I can take charge of everything and still feel like I am a submissive to Him. He likes me being strong, and so do I. When I took a break from Neverland I stopped chasing the fantasy, my real life is way more fulfilling anyway.

Probably still clear as mud – but there you have it!

Love You Always Sir ❤

2 thoughts on “The Devil’s in the details – Perspective

  1. Your strength is one of the things about you that is most appealing to me. I could not be with someone who was not this way, not now. You will always be equal ,there is no other way to me.



    1. Thank you Sir! ❤

      It took me a little while to figure out that I could be this strong and still be submissive to you, …. and that in fact you preferred it this way!

      When you read all these accounts of roles and playing it's hard to figure out how to be in the real world. Living together in a 24/7 situation with jobs and children and responsibilities leaves little time for the B/s you can find out there.


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