Still equal – yup I said it!

Why can’t we say equal and submissive?

Maybe it’s my personality type that is happy to live within apparent contradictions, maybe it’s the Warrior that is every bit as capable or maybe it’s the primal wolf like way that we live our lives and relate to each other.

I consider myself equal, in every way. I don’t see that as a negative, that a woman should be considered equal. Just because I am equal doesn’t mean I can’t choose to follow or that I can not be lead.

I don’t consider myself less than my doctor but I will follow his lead on medical decisions, he is studied in that and I am not. He has earned my respect and therefore I will follow his lead.

Maybe it’s because ‘submission’ is not a need of mine. I am capable and happy to lead in any respect,  I am a natural dominant. I need a partner of equal strength and responsibility and from what I’ve seen a lot of lately I was damn lucky to find one. (No I’m not saying you good guys and good DOMs don’t exist, but you seem to be difficult to find.)

He has His strengths and I have mine but in the big picture we are equal AND I choose to be His submissive because He has earned the right to lead and I am comfortable following.

I am a perfectionist I don’t take excuses, He is a perfectionist He doesn’t make them. If He wasn’t as strong as me than this would all fall apart, if I wasn’t as strong as He I don’t think He would find enjoyment in leading.

I have chosen to follow, He has chosen to lead – it makes us both happy. We are still equal ….

Maybe this is why we never fall in and out of ‘dynamic’. We are not stuck on one definition, one way of being. We/I don’t get stuck on the should I, could I, would I ….  I don’t really care about what would ‘a submissive’ do, I care about what works for us and what needs to be done.

Everyone says something similar I know, but then you feel ‘less submissive’ because you took charge of something that needed doing. I say that if the DOM is happy with it then who cares? It doesn’t make you less submissive, it makes you efficient.

***** ***** ***** ***** *****

Okay, got about 12 other things now entering my mind so I’ll cut this one off here! LOL

Love You Always Sir ❤


7 thoughts on “Still equal – yup I said it!

  1. it makes one a perfect submissive, slave or baby girl . . to do the things that need to be done to make our lives work with our chosen Master’s, Doms or Daddy’s.

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      1. it’s strange – I have only a desire to be equal in my humanity … but equal . .. I would rather be ‘different’ than equal … I have qualities that a man cannot have and they have qualities I simply don’t want ….

        it’s about respect… for me anyway. I do find all this equality very difficult .


      2. i think equal and ‘the same’ are often confused …. Sir and I are complete opposites, but still equal – neither is less or more, just simply different


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