Soooo much more than kink

We’ve been doing this ‘thing’ for a bit now, 24/7 ….. so to think that the intensity would be the same as it was in the beginning would be pretty naive.

The play is still fun and the fact that Sir is the Boss is obvious but the crazy butterflies and anxious nervousness is simply not there, usually! 😉 I’m not one to get into trouble so there isn’t that type of thing playing on my mind. For the most part life goes on as it always has without any obvious tells about why what we do might be different from those around us. It’s just life ….

And then I get up on Sunday morning after being allowed to sleep in to this:


I needed some extra sleep and Sir was up and ready to go apparently! By the time I got up He was already outside working in the yard. I woke up to this note!

It means that He was still thinking of me, I wasn’t forgotten and in our TPE I wait for permission to get my first cup of coffee on the weekends or holidays, so He’s still in charge even when He’s not standing right in front of me.

So I smiled, went back upstairs to put on my comfy clothes instead of what I had picked for him …. 😉 and grabbed myself a cup of coffee before going out to greet Him.

It might not give me anxious butterflies anymore but it does give me a warm feeling all over.

Love You Always Sir ❤

6 thoughts on “Soooo much more than kink

  1. Your post made me reflect on how special it feels when my Daddy gives me permission to do things, like get a coffee when I’m out. Feeling grateful to have discovered this lifestyle! Hope you enjoyed that cup of coffee 🙂

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