Communication – a comment

I made this comment to someone and I felt strongly enough that I thought I should post it here as well! I speaks to whether or not a submissive should speak up or follow blindly, but it also ties in nicely to another issue that really makes me fume. 


Communication is key, from *BOTH* sides, that includes from the submissive. Submissive doesn’t mean mindless or without want, this type of relationship is a two way street even if it appears otherwise from the outside.

As submissives we strive to please and *be* for our Dominants but they also have a job to take care of and provide for us and our needs. Not giving them all the information and not being honest about our wants and needs makes it impossible for our Dominants to do what they need.

A Dominant’s need to care for His/Her submissive is just as strong as our need to please.

Besides, just how much enjoyment would there be in controlling a mindless drone anyway? There is a proper way to communicate in a power exchange relationship to be sure but once you have that established you *must* communicate openly and often! Just my two cents! 😀 Good Luck!

It doesn’t leave room for the ‘silent treatment’, as far as I’m concerned that is not a tool in a dominant tool box, that is nothing more than a dominant ‘temper tantrum’ and a bunch of bull sh*t! 


Everyone needs time to think from time to time but you communicate that need and you come back and follow up! So as I’ve said before ….. 



2 thoughts on “Communication – a comment

  1. Agreed! There is nothing mindless about being a submissive…if anything, you have to be mindful of everything! Mindful of behavior, attitude, your dominant’s desires and wishes… Well said!

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