There was nothing else to be done, … ! ;)

It’s Saturday night, late evening and time to be to bed!

You wait in your place, ready and attentive, listening for the steps at the door. Eventually you feel the rush of air as the door opens to allow Him access to the room in which you wait, another breeze sweeps over your skin as the door closes behind Him, and then it starts ……. oh the feel, oh the anticipation, the need growing and growing within you!

You must’n move or break position, not until you are acknowledged and released. You stay the course but the need grows, over whelming almost. Finally He sits behind you, rubs your shoulders, rubs your back, the heat and feel of His fingers are magical, but still the need grows! He leans in and is talking now, this is the indication that the mood is more relaxed, you can adjust and you can squirm but the position will still be held. You now have some ‘wiggle’ room, and still the need grows …. !

What do you do???? He is so close ….. practically on your shoulder. Oh you just can’t wait another second!

You rub your nose in His scruff of course!! This itchy nose is enough to drive anyone bonkers!!! 😛 There is no rule about wiggling your bunny nose about …. ! hehehe

LOL Happy Monday!

Love You Always Sir! ❤

2 thoughts on “There was nothing else to be done, … ! ;)

  1. ‘Bout the same as the kid using your face to scratch her arm I suppose. Literally, in the middle of lunch at a restaurant, I’ll hear “Lean over please, I have an itch.” Silly females.

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