New way?

Feeling a bit sore, again …. no surprise there! Lots of things changing recently and the body needs some time to adjust and re-cooperate.

I missed out on the ‘centering’ and kneeling time I was thinking would happen last night. I assume the Bear decided the timing was bad and physically I was in no shape to try, at least I think that’s what He decided – he does still forget to communicate fully from time to time.

So today I’m having a rough start of it and I’m getting to feeling a bit short-tempered as well. Things are combining as they usually do and my body is about ready to call it quits, makes for a difficult time being patient. It’s not that I’m saying or doing anything out of the ordinary but I catch myself clenching my teeth ….. could be to deal with the pain of course but I know my normally happy-go-lucky self is not quite so smiley!   LOL
Related image So …. I’m looking for positions I think could provide the feeling without being too physically taxing.

Perhaps without all the rope work of the first because it is supposed to be a quick down shift of energy but cuffs and chains go on and off rather quickly.

Happy Tuesday!

Love You Always Sir! ❤

2 thoughts on “New way?

    1. Thank you! There are always good days and bad, but I’m hopeful that some ‘work’ will get me stronger and less pained by summer! 😀 I really would prefer to stay away from pain pills.

      Sir has always been partial to chains over rope, even from day one of BDSM introduction! It was a bit of a surprise but besides being very noisy and cold they do add a certain ‘je ne sais quoi’ to the entire exercise! 😀 lol

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