Perhaps I should clarify …

The idea I have that BDSM should not be a cover up for other mental and emotional issues/compulsions does not mean relationships and relationship types. It is not intended to be understood as a community, or support network situation. I’m talking about actual, physical actions like impact play or cutting etc.

These activities release chemicals into your system when done to a certain level that create a feel good outcome. Using just this type of physical trauma and chemical release to deal with mental health issues or compulsions does not ‘cure’, it simply covers up. This is the theme I have run into from time to time and the one I really disagree with.

Having relationships, partners and support from all areas in your life is healthy and needed be it in the BDSM community, work or family. They are all important and valuable. But that is not what I’m talking about here …

To use an example completely unrelated to dynamic in order to better explain …. a runner gets a certain ‘high’ that is useful in dealing with stress and anxiety but we do not make the assumption that the mental health issues are now solved. It is still important to pursue other forms of coping with and hopefully concurring the issues by getting to the root of the problem.

Or this might still be clear as mud.

2 thoughts on “Perhaps I should clarify …

  1. For Master and the kit, we want to live the life style of 24/7 D/s. We want to lay down the foundation of domination and submission as part of our daily lives. Impact play is usually a small part as a final act for Master to release kit’s guilt from day to day. What happend in past shall stay in the past. Metal traumas can only be healed with time, which kit is finding herself less and less bothered by =).


    1. Well time is sometimes an effective tool when it comes to healing but there are many other options available when it comes to mental health.

      I’m glad to hear that you are separating the impact play from the mental issues of the past but again, dynamic, D/s and relationship type is not at all what I’m referring to.


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