To Dominate a dominant …

My travels lately have shown me this idea of keeping a submissive/slave off-balance, unsure and guessing in order to mess with their minds and see how far they will go to please, how hard they are willing to try I suppose …. This is me going against the grain again.

If things start to go side ways I no longer kneel, I stand straight and tall and strong. I do not play games, this is my real life. If you need to play games to try to keep me off-balance in order to maintain control than you are not strong enough to be in control of me.

I am a dominant remember, I don’t get worried or upset or emotional when things don’t go right, I get strong. I make plans and execute them in order to provide solutions. I am a problem solver not a worrier.

If I was to be put in a situation where there was no right answer, where you were setting me up to fail you would automatically lose all credibility and respect from me. Likewise if the answer or correct action was not clearly stated in hopes I misstepped you would again lose all respect.

This is another reason I say I am not submissive or D/s or M/s or what have you, I don’t BS, I don’t play games and do not try to f*ck with my head, you will not win.

I told you I have huge expectations of my dominant, not any one will do and that’s why I maintain that there is one and only one for me.

Where I came from many people have tried to get a ‘leg up’ on me, many people have been deceitful and full of games, and none of them ever succeeded. The only thing ever left up in the air is whether or not I want to ‘burn‘ them (not literally) and how badly ….

There was an incident this past weekend involving my brother that only solidified the validity of this statement. Once things were said and done the only thing people wanted to know was ‘have you told nijntje’? LOL

I was watching Man with a Plan the other night and they made a statement that explained it exactly. “Don’t be afraid of the crazy one, be afraid of the one the crazy one is a afraid of ….” My brother is the crazy one, and he is always making sure I’m pleased … 😉

So no, keeping me guessing or off-balance or what have you would not bring me more submissive feelings and satisfaction, it would bring out the dominant problem solving nature that could no longer kneel. The only way for me to maintain submissive and tap into my emotions is to be kept safe, secure and certain of my place and my dominant. That’s the only way I can kneel.

Image result for female warrior

That is all …..

Love You Always Sir! ❤

Comments welcome! :D

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