How menopause affects your Dynamic – Physical Part 1

I went out this weekend with Sir and we watched ‘menopause the musical’ – it was hilarious BTW and since I haven’t much time this week I thought I’d re-post the way it might affect your dynamic if you happen to be going through it too!

There are just as many emotional issues as there are physical ones when it comes to the MenoBeast and the show just put them all back out there for me in a very funny way!

And when it comes to this ‘beast’ it’s nice to know it’s not all just in your head and you’re not the only one!

nijntje & The Bear

I really do need to write some more on menopause and D/s, or at least the play aspect of D/s. Some of the physical issues really do affect what and how things are to be done/can reasonably be done. Not everyone is going to have the same symptoms but I can share what mine have been so far and what I have had to learn in order to better deal with them.

Most of my issue really has been the mental aspects of dealing with the physical issues. Let me start by saying I am a bit of a perfectionist and once I decide I am going to follow through with something I REALLY have a difficult time accepting any sort of failure, even if the failure is just in my mind. As part of the ‘warrior’ mentality I do not test, I am not a brat and I would…

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