Dominant acts

I’m sitting here this morning having a pretty hard time moving around or just simply walking. My mind is going to a few of those sites I talked about earlier, about how some of those ideas are just simply not for us.

How happy exactly do you suppose I would be if my dominant decided that certain acts were ‘submissive’ in nature and not for Him to do, like for example vacuuming, or bringing up the laundry or making the beds! Yes all of those things get done around here and Sir helps with all of them, and some are almost always done by Him exclusively. Forget happy, how healthy do you suppose I would be?

Do you suppose that these things should be left for me the submissive to do even though they cause extreme pain and even damage in some cases to my body? I have horrible allergies as well, they set off the most terrible migraine headaches at just the smallest hint of chemicals in the air so guess who cleans the bathrooms when it’s more than a wipe and sweep?

Is taking care of the one you have made yourself responsible for not a dominant thing to do? I’ve said before I consider myself dominant in life and submissive to Sir and Sir alone so from that perspective I will tell you that when I make a commitment to someone or something whatever needs to be done gets done! It doesn’t matter what it might look like to someone else, it doesn’t matter if the act is considered one of strength or not.

To me being a dominant, being a leader is not about appearances, it’s about being responsible, getting the job done and taking care of those ‘under’ your care whatever that might entail. I don’t make excuses, I don’t put things off and I don’t not do something because I might not appear big and mighty, I might not appear dominant …

When I can do things, I do them but when I can’t or shouldn’t be doing things I get told to leave them. That is honestly the hardest thing for me to follow but those are His rules.

He opens doors for me, carries the bags, takes my coat and even helps me with my shoes if I need Him too. He tucks me into bed, kisses my forehead and whispers I love you as I doze off to sleep …. If that’s not a dominant well, I’m fine with that!

All I know is that I am always happy, always fulfilled and never alone. I feel loved, cared for and protected. I can let my guard down, I can feel safe without worry or fear. Sir is the cause of ALL of that and from where I came from, trust me that is a lot!

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Thank you Sir for taking such great care of me …

Love You Always Sir ❤

7 thoughts on “Dominant acts

    1. Thank you angel!

      When I am able I love nothing more than to do for my Sir, but I would hate to feel that I was lacking on those days that I just can’t. I’m fortunate enough that He feels the same way. 😀

      I think there is a big difference between can’t and won’t, and I think that’s what it really is all about.

      Hugs to you friend! How is the move prep coming along?

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      1. It’s coming well, thank you! Sir is off this week and came to my mother’s house with me and was proud of all I’ve accomplished over there. That was a good feeling. My mom will be moving ahead of us, in about two weeks. Our house goes on the market Thursday, while hers won’t until after she leaves due to a couple of needed minor repairs we will accomplish after her move. Once she’s left, we will dig in and start to pack our belongings, one room at a time. We anticipate our move to be in mid-June.

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  1. Love this post. There are a lot of mundane things that Master does for the kit such as some of the daily chores or carrying kit’s bag when it gets heavy. It shows that good Doms care for the well being of their subs and they will forever be vigilant of that. So that they can offer a safety net for their subs and in return for subs’ trust to submit at even deeper level. Something a lot of vanilla relationships really lacks.

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