Being specific … communication check list.

For all the great qualities my Sir/husband has, and all the communicating we do …. being specific is not a strong suit for Him. At least not as specific as me, but then again ….  I tend to go a bit over board!  *Yikes* 😀 lol

I have a few theories on this;

  • He doesn’t really know what He wants to add/change/maintain because He has never had another long-term relationship like ours – no comparison to pull from
  • everything is already as He wants it, so what’s to work on or change?
  • anything He has ever read about training or submissive attitude doesn’t apply – I’ve been that way with Him since the beginning
  • He can’t read my mind and in effort to not sway His choice I’m not really being specific in my questions …. *dumb idea* I might add

So I finally did it, I finally asked Him specifically what I was thinking and getting at and guess what??? I got the answers I was looking for!

No more chasing my tail, do you know how ridiculous that is for a rabbit?? Seriously! *giggle*

I have decided I’m not a ‘submissive’ at all …. I think it will solve a lot of over thinking issues. I am a knight, I answer to the King and the King alone. I don’t need to be ‘handled’ and He has no need to ‘handle’ me – I was picked because I can do the job, no need to worry that I am doing it too well! 😛

I protect the kingdom and He has veto rights and final say ….

Enter your wolf scenario, …

Enter your leader and Ruler, …

Enter warrior princess, ….

I always end up at the same place no matter what you call it, the difference is this time HE has answered !!!  woot woot!! He has finally given me the answer I need, no more hiding or trying to be something I’m not. No more searching for a feeling I don’t need and He doesn’t want.

I will continue to kick some @ss in life and He will continue to be happy about it, and step in if and when needed. I just need to trust He will tell me when He doesn’t like it, and since He finally spoke up now I can trust Him to. It helps that He finally got *all* the information from me …. *sigh*
Image result for i had to journey around and back to where I started  - quote

Right back to where I started from, only just a bit more depth this time. And the journey continues ….

Love You Always my Wonderful ❤


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