I’ve been finding myself dragging my feet a little bit lately when it comes to doing the daily submissive tasks that are assigned to me.

Everything gets done but it’s just maybe slower and with less thought put towards it than I would like. I haven’t got the opportunity right now to get strung up from the ceiling or led around the house on a leash so …… those types of play will usually leave me with a longer lasting effect than just the play time itself. Schedule lately hasn’t left much opportunity for that so things have been much tamer in nature ….

Normally I’m in contact with Sir through the day where He will add something to my day, or make a kinky order to be followed through with, but lately His work has been busier days than before and the contact is fleeting at best.

Image result for submissive kneeling

What do you do in order to ‘bump up’ your submissive mind-set?

I tend to rely on physical actions to help me clear my mind and focus on my goals but I don’t always have that time afforded to me through out the day.

Do you wait for your dominant to give the orders or do you go and quietly kneel on your own to find focus and balance until they can be with you again?

Thoughts ….. ?




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