Submission = emotion + desire

I had this conversation the first time about a year and a half ago and I recently revisited the idea with a friend. The conclusion for me was the same both times although they came about in two different ways.

One factor was intelligence and the second dominance.

Neither of these topics are meant in a high and mighty way so I hope they don’t come across as such but I am very straightforward in my wording of things, and if you’ve been around any time at all you probably already know that. So let’s have at it shall we?Image result for emotion and desire

The first is intelligence, can you be simply too smart to be submissive? If you know and see pretty much all ideas and avenues before they happen, if you know the answer before you ask the question, if you are always at the top of your game, can anyone else really ever be in control of you? If you know just how to behave to get the outcome you want then who is really in control?

Well I think this is where your emotion comes into play. You need to keep mindful that the only reason this remains submissive is because you allow yourself to feel it as such. Isn’t this exactly what happens in all DOM/sub relationship? The submissive is rewarded for good behaviour and the Dominant’s rules are adhered too. Does it really make the act any less submissive simply because you can see the outcome from miles away? Perhaps that makes it even more submissive in nature ….. ?

Secondly is dominance, I am a naturally dominant person so what is it that has made me submissive to my husband? I step up and take control of things and people all the time, I plan, control and execute all day long and quite happily so how can I simply put that aside for Him?

Well this one is mostly desire. I have made a choice to be and act this way in my marriage and the only thing truly responsible for it is my strong desire to do so. In the beginning of the shift to this dynamic I made a conscious effort to wait and leave decisions for Him to make and control. I didn’t have an overwhelming need for Him to be in charge but I did and do have an overwhelming desire to have Him as my dominant.

So for me feeding the emotion of submission by keeping the feelings alive trumps the fact that I can manipulate the outcome if I chose to. That fact that I don’t is a show of submission in and of itself, and secondly the desire to stay as His submissive even though I can function quite well as a dominant is the thing that seals the deal for us.

Image result for emotion and desire

Life like submission is about choice and effort, this is where I choose to put mine.

And all the kinky fun stuff of course!! LOL You wouldn’t want to forget dessert!

Love You Always Sir ❤

9 thoughts on “Submission = emotion + desire

  1. I have been with Doms that say “You always know just the right thing to say” and that is enough for them. But, I feel they are too easy to manipulate. I prefer a Dom who knows when i am trying to manipulate him and rejects it. A Dom who knows the difference between when I am doing something because I want to or because he wants me to and enjoys both. I can’t respect someone I can emotionally manipulate enough to give them control over me. Just some thoughts from reading this.

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    1. I think I know what you are referring to as well and I agree.

      My post was more to do with the idea of simply being more intelligent, and therefore seeing and knowing and being prepared for more than most – all the time.

      I wrote a post not long back about all the ‘labels’ that I happen to fall under and one is intellectual giftedness.

      Thanks for your comment, it helps to clear up any misconceptions as well! 😀

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  2. Very interesting post. Back in the days when kit and the Master was till exploring BDSM kit’s intelegence has always been a hindrance…kit can read one’s body language really well, kit can read between the lines, so in away kit used all that to test the Master…kinda counter productive and a turn off for the Master =( it’s kinda topping from the bottom behavior. As much as kit wants to let go of control, kit still had trust issues….so recently Master has changed his attitude toward D/s and realized it’s something kit really needs to ground herself…Guess submission is something of a core orientation for the kit haha.

    So yeah kit don’t really question the Master anymore…just do what He think is right when kit gets home from work. Less things to worry about and more time to connect and focus on positive things in life =)

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    1. Thanks kit, that’s very much in keeping with what I am referring to.

      It has never been an issue of testing but the fact that you already know what’s coming can start to play tricks on you, making you *think* you are not submitting after all. The fact is that submission is about following the other person’s lead, just because it’s not a surprise to me doesn’t mean it’s any less submissive, I least I don’t think it does.

      It is definitely work for me to ‘shut off’ in this way but we all work on something in our submission, don’t we? 😀

      And yes the end result is very much ‘worry less, enjoy more’!

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