I decided on my attire for the day last night, last night what I picked seemed like a good idea.

Today however, every time I take a step the stitching and fabric rubs on the inside of my thighs … irritating the already sore and sensitive skin! Ouchie!

I suppose I could go and change, but that would be a shame now wouldn’t it? By the time the day is done and I get permission to change into something more comfortable I will likely be standing like a cowgirl! And sitting just the way He likes ……. ! Assuming I can sit …. Evil Evil Bear!

He bounced back from His illness as you can guess, and we tried out some new kinks to boot! Thanks again Walking Dead! lol

Happy Tuesday!

Love You Always Sir! ❤

4 thoughts on “Ouchie!

    1. LOL Well not quite inspiration from … I have posted before that the only time we have the house to ourselves is when the boys go to Gramma’s to watch the Walking Dead! hehehe

      Although from the accounts they tell (because I have never watched it) Sir seemed to be channeling a bit of Negan … hummm, Evil Evil Bear!!! 😛

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