A thousand words ….

The core of our connection and personalities I think is summed up very quickly in two pictures. The two we have chosen for our avatars.

nijntje is a dutch word, it is a term of endearment commonly used but it also translates literally to little rabbit, or bunny hence my avatar …

Image result for bunny sticking tongue out

Notice the bunny standing alone, sticking out her tongue, attitude a plenty! LOL Yup, that’s me! I might be small but I’m stubborn and defiant to anyone who doesn’t gain my respect.

When we first started all this online stuff Sir needed to find one as well. Now you have seen plenty I’m sure, men in suits, tigers, lions, beasts of all sorts … whips chains and the like …. but my Sir has never been about appearances and well you all know how I feel about fakes and facades so, this is what He picked ….

Image result for holding a bunny

I think He has made His priority clear, don’t you? Happy Sunday all!

Love You Always Sir ❤

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