Gnawing at me …

I read something a while back that has been gnawing at me ever since. It made me take note of what I have and how I need my dominant to act and react etc. We all have different needs, that is for certain and we all grow and evolve also but the idea I read just doesn’t sit well for me.

Image result for truthTo me the idea that a dominant can never show ‘weakness’ as in emotion or doubt and expect to retain their strength and respect afterwards is absurd. The opinion was something in keeping with the idea that once they showed their vulnerable side the submissive(s) lost all respect and ability to look up to them as a dominant figure and were no longer able or comfortable following such a person. Interesting.

Not showing all of yourself to the one you are with and in charge of might sound like a way of maintaining dominance but to me it just sounds like nothing more than a facade. I suppose that if I was playing around with someone and not in a married 24/7 situation this might be just what I wanted, I’d be looking for play and fun times so nothing real would really matter anyway! As a married mother and submissive I want to know all there is to know about my husband, my best friend …. I want to be there when He needs me just as He is there for me and I certainly don’t want anything in my life to be faked!

It takes more strength to feel than not feel, I know. It takes more strength to tell the truth than it does to tell people what they want to hear, I know that too! I grew up with many so-called ‘dominants’ who always had a point to prove and a reputation to maintain, I learned that not one damn word was the truth and it didn’t make me respect them more, it made me cut them out of my life. Probably why I don’t role play, I can not stand lies of any sort …

I can work through many things and I am probably more forgiving than I should be most days, being angry hurts me more than anyone else anyway but I can not forgive someone who is fake with me, that is just another way to lie.

I don’t want to see your mask of dominance, I want to see the truth. Are you strong enough to tell it? That’s the person I will follow anywhere because that person holds the real power.

Image result for truth

I would rather see the truth in my dominant, even when it isn’t pretty and watch and respect them for picking up and moving forward. That shows strength and character not weakness. I don’t want a paperback novel, I want a partner I can trust. A real person …

Love You Always Sir ❤

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