I should remember …

I really should remember to take my own advice instead of focusing on everything and everyone else! I/We haven’t had much ‘play’ time lately due to schedule and circumstance, these are always the times my brain gets me into trouble. We get lots of sex and rough housing but …..

BDSM calms the crazy in my brain, I think that’s the biggest draw for me. Not sad or angry or worry or anxious, not lonely or bad – just spinning out of control! I start thinking faster than I can even put into words, three and four stories and outcomes for each happening at the same time. I don’t feel wrong or like I’m missing anything, I feel disconnected from the rest of the world, alone in my own mind. I know at least a couple of you out there know what I mean.

Have you ever heard of Person of Interest? You know the ‘machine’ ….. if I don’t get the R&R of play I start spinning like that!

So until Sir can fit in some play that soothes this savage beast I should remember …..

Today’s shower talk …. Sometimes I wonder why it is people go looking for things and then can’t figure out why they found them, why they are stuck with them, why they can’t be free of them. I’ve always believed that you get just what you expect, and that you see in others exactly what […]

via Happy Monday Sir — Sir’s nijntje

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